Zhejiang Nanxing Technology Co., Ltd,is a high tech enterprise who is professional at producing finance machines and office equipment. We especially focus on bill counters' development and selling, “pursue excellence, make the best products” is our principle. We set up a new standard according to the industry's requirement, and strict quality control at the beginning of the raw material to ensure the best quality of our products.



Banknote Counter

Auto start and counting Batching and adding function Automatic UV+MG counterfeit detection Large LCD display with color change when detecting with fake notes.

Banknotes Detector

International patent,green energy technology add up 60% more light effect.

Money Detector

NX-125 Multi Currency Detector. is able to detect USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HKD, CAD, AUD, SGD, THB, RUB, CNY. With the highest checking accuracy, it is able to detec

Money Counter

Memorizing,Half-note test,Ultraviolet test,Magnetism test,Counterfeit alarm,Preset counting,Add up counting ,Automatic sorting,Automatic self-checking,Automatic